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Sled dog or guide dog?
You have specific ideas ready to implement; you just need someone with the technical know-how to turn them into web reality.  Whitetail Web Design can pull your sled over rough terrain, quickly and competently. or...You have a vague notion about goals for your site, and need someone to guide you through the process step by step. Your ideas or ours.  WWD can present you with ideas 'ground up' or crystallize ones you already have.

What should your web site accomplish? WWD can help you define the message or messages you need to convey.  Are you trying to provide general information or generate business?  Is this a site prospective customers will visit in order to evaluate whether they will do business with you?  Will most of your visitors be existing customers looking for new products and developments?  What functionality will you provide. Online shopping, chat, bulletin boards, and dynamically displaying information from a linked database are all options.  WWD helps you answer those questions, then guides you step by step, making your web site creation process quick and easy.

WWD will map out the best format to present your message. What style would appeal most to your target audience? Basic information or catchy Flash animation, video and audio? How much do they want straight information vs. entertainment?  What level of complexity is best for your typical visitor?

Writing Copy
Not thrilled about writing your own content?  Whitetail Web Design can take your message and turn it into words.  Jot down ideas, create a rough draft or provide an interview, and WWD will create the high-quality professional text to fit your web site.

WWD builds out your website with performance in mind, creating speed-conscious pages, organized into coherent sites that stand out from the crowd. Sites are sent through a professional online testing service that checks dozens of browser, resolution and platform combinations, ensuring correct display for your visitors.

Your website was fine, but you've outgrown it.  Or maybe it was a first attempt that never quite met your specs.  Or a more dire scenario: visitors are sending negative emails to "webmaster", and you just can't take the abuse anymore.  Chances are WWD can use the content you have and improve it to meet your current requirements.

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