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Whitetail Web Design, a Houston web design and development company, distinguishes itself by bringing to the table more than graphic design and web development skills. Behind each web site is an MBA with 14 years of corporate business experience. The web design process involves many decisions that affect how visitors perceive a company and how they are served by its website. Having a partner in the process who applies solid business principles to the web design process is critical.

Understanding your company's target market and strategic goals is key. What should the website accomplish? Filling this need is the foundation for a successful final product.

WWD makes the website creation process easy by offering the following services:

  • concept - define what your web site should achieve
  • design & graphics - find the look that best sends your message
  • layout - make your site appealing, organized and easy to use
  • text - state your message clearly and effectively
  • e-commerce - build an online store
  • multimedia - bring your site to life with Flash animation, video and audio
  • interactivity - gather feedback, build subscriber databases or customize the visitor's web site experience
  • hosting - select the best hosting option
  • listing - submit your site for inclusion in search engines
  • content management - set up so you can update your own site anytime, no webmaster skills required

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